How to Take Care of your Mac OS X

Published: 26th March 2010
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From time to time all Mac users have to do a range of day-to-day tasks and solve a range of problems. The most common of them are:

• Hard drive cleanup

• Backup of important files

• Protection of private files

• Recovery of removed files

Obviously this list is very broad and does not embrace all questions you may have when using your Mac. That's why most Mac users install multiple apps that complete day-to-day activities and deal with common problems for them. These apps may include:

• Hard drive clean-up utilities that free up disk space by deleting old and/or useless files;

• File encrypting tools that restrict access to private information and hide specific files and folders;

• Data recovery tools that restore files removed by accident.

Just think how many apps you have to install in order to control all processes listed above! But now you can solve all Mac-related issues with just a single app. MacKeeper is a universal application for your Mac that combines a set of efficient clean-up utilities, helpful standalone tools, and exclusive online services. Let's take a look at some of them.


Cache Cleaner

Removes old cache files that take up space on your disk.

Duplicates Finder

Locates duplicate files that may overload your hard drive.

Languages Cutter

Defines preferable languages for your apps and removes all unnecessary ones.



Automatically backs up your important information.

Data Encryptor

Hides and encrypts your private files and folders.


Restores files and folders removed from your Mac by accident.



Helps you spot your Mac in case it was lost or stolen.

Geek on Demand

Enables you to appoint a phone call from an experienced specialist that will give answers to any Mac-related questions you may have.

To sum up, MacKeeper is the best alternative to numerous tools and utilities, and it surely will make easier the life of any Mac user. To find out how useful MacKeeper is, each Mac user can download a free trial version.


Steve Sheldon, specialist on Mac speed up solutions, developer of MacKeeper and leading developer of ZeoBIT LLC, a company that provides software for Mac and Windows platforms.

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